New Croatia incentive programmes: GC Truffle Hunt, Island Recon Mission, & Digital Dubrovnik

February 5, 2008 in Newsletter

Croatia Incentive Programmes

Croatia Incentive Programmes

Keeping with our unique style and ever expanding offers, Global Connect has developed three new Croatia incentive programmes to offer it’s clients.

GC Truffle Hunt is the newest, bringing clients to the truffle region of Istria in Northern Croatia, an area which holds the Guiness World Record for the largest truffle ! Guests get to go with experienced hunters and unearth their own white or black “diamonds of the kitchen”. This is followed by show cooking with a Croatian top chef, who explains all about truffles, while preparing a meal using those found by the group that day. Hotel accommodations are in the beautiful sea-side town of Rovinj, and their new 5* hotel Monte Mulini. This programme is best in the month of October as this is the period for truffle hunting, however variations can be made for other dates in the year.

Island Reconnaissance Mission can take place anywhere on the sea such as Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split, or Kotor in Montenegro. Guests are divided into smaller groups and given high speed boat (RIB’s), handheld GPS’s, questions to solve, and a skipper to command. The group with the most completed in the shortest time wins, however everyone gets to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Adriatic, and learn about the respective area as the questions are tailored around the history and surroundings.

Digital Dubrovnik can be considered a land version of the Island Recon. Guests are broken up into teams, given digital cameras, energy bags, and a series of questions and riddles to solve, taking them in and around the walled city of Dubrovnik. This programme works very well as team building, or just a fun way to learn about the city and have a load of funny pictures to bring back in the end ! We also operate this in the smaller walled town of Budva in Montenegro.

Please contact us for a full proposal or more information on any of the above Croatia incentive programmes.