Katie Allen, Project Manager | Zibrant

Zibrant Logo“It is very hard for me to find the right words to thank each and every one of you for the hard work and dedication that you put in to make this event a roaring success. Each of you brought your own unique strengths and abilities to the table and worked tirelessly to make sure that we delivered an amazing event.

Michael – your passion and creativity meant that we delivered a novel and exceptional PPG program to our guests which bettered anything they had ever experienced before and I’m sure will remain unrivalled for years to come!

Ryan – I didn’t have as much contact with you as some of the other team members, but I want you to know that I don’t underestimate the amount of work that you put into this. From proposals, to cost files, to your onsite support and management…I really appreciate your precision and am grateful to you for keeping Michael’s feet on the floor when they needed to be!!

Diana – “my angel”. I’m going to miss you the most. Thank you for making Michael’s ideas and promises happen – this was by no means an easy job!! I am so grateful to you for all of the blood, sweat and tears that you put into making this event. I can only begin to imagine the work that you had to do to make sure you delivered everything that you said you would. I love your energy – it never faltered and it puts me to shame. I knew I could always rely on your positivity and to put a smile on my face.

Nikolina – Thank you for the support that you not only gave to your team but to mine as well. It really was invaluable and without you we wouldn’t have got there!!

Maro – I needn’t have worried as much as I did. The transfers and activities ran like clock-work. I learnt with you that if I asked it would be done – quickly and efficiently and without having to ask again. Your attention to detail is amazing and it was great to work with you. Thank you also for putting together Miranda’s itinerary. This wasn’t an easy job and something we haven’t done in years gone by but it meant that we captured some fantastic memories for our winners and their guests.

Tatjana – Thank you for managing the hotel… Hotel Bellevue was a key aspect of this event and we had to make sure that we got it right. Having you as our liaison was crucial to making this event a success and thanks to your help we have achieved that.

Marcela – Last but by no means least! Thank you for assisting us with this event also. I know that you were responsible for overseeing many of the trip’s elements and I’m very thankful to you. In particular I would like to thank you for your support with Marie at the Hotel on Saturday. I was reassured to know that you were by her side and helping her in my team’s absence.

I would recommend your company without hesitation to colleagues and industry partners. Your solutions, personalities and more importantly the care that was taken, shown and put in make you stand out. My next DMC has a lot to live up to! I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that not only did you stand out to us but to our guests as well.”