GC’s coffee machine – The saga continues….

October 5, 2008 in Newsletter

Coffee for events

Events need coffee!

Check out the end of the previous newsletter to see where the coffee machine story started.

Well, we’ve sent back the Lavazza pod coffee machine. It started to jam, overflowed cups, pieces falling off, and making a general mess around the coffee station. We’re now using instant coffee, but you’ve got to give us a little credit as we’re using the famous New York coffee Chock full o’Nuts ! There is also a process to getting it just right – white sugar and coffee grounds first, pour in the water as soon as it’s boiled, mix, then add 2% fresh milk. So basically in order to have a great cup of coffee, we have to import the grinds from America via visiting friends / family, then synthesize our product using the aforementioned formula, as opposed to the previous, theoretically simple pod-in-machine-done method.

Now look at it this way…..if we’re willing to go the extra mile for our morning coffee, just think what we do for our clients!