GC launches James Bond Montenegro incentive programme

July 1, 2007 in Newsletter

James Bond Montenegro incentive

James Bond Montenegro incentive

Enjoy an evening of glamour & gambling at Casino Royale in our Montenegro incentive where guests will be served martinis by beautiful Bond Girls while bluffing their way to fortune at the card table. Absorb yourself into the world of sophistication as you mingle with spies and millionaires.

We prepare an active day for guests in the Bay of Kotor where they have to complete various missions, gathering items and money in preparation for an evening of high stakes gambling.

International attention and individual attraction are apparent within the tourism community and mainstream culture. This is evident in the newest installment to the James Bond franchise entitled Casino Royale, in which the intriguing and enthralling name of Montenegro is chosen for the main sequence of the film. Portraying it as a gambling paradise, untouched and unspoiled haven for the elite. Their views are on track with the direction Montenegro is taking.

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